Our journeys

P J Vapes was started out by kitchen banta between two friends Paul and Jarrod, two friends who both shared their vaping journey. Jarrod purchased his first juice mixing kit in 2016 and started developing flavours and mixing his own E-liquids. Jarrod started sharing all his creations with Paul and told him he should give it a go, creating recpies was something that Paul and Jarrod were both us to, Both Paul and Jarrod were chefs. 


Jarrod turned up to Paul's house after work one day with his mixing kit in hand and sat Paul down and they started mixing, Paul's first recpie was a banana, strawberry, Bubblegum and chocolate icecream, you would think this recpie would be full proof and a nice one with the combination. Absolutely not, it was the worst tasting juice Paul had tried but this didnt stop him from continuing to develop this flavour till is was a satisfying vape. A few months went by Paul purchased his own mixing kit and they both spent a few months sharing ideas and flavours. 

One day Paul suggested, him and Jarrod should put a label on the juice and start selling their perfected recipes, Jarrod initially agreed to start up for the company and they would name it P J Vapes ( Paul and Jarrod Vapes ) Paul purchased everything they would need to start P J Vapes. 

Over A few months passed Paul was well set into the process of developing P J Vapes, Now renamed Pure Juice Vapes ( P J Vapes ). Paul always had a mindset and passion behind develop of P J Vapes, that was to share his ideas, creations and friendship, Never to consider himself as a vendor but to build and develop friendships and share stories and journeys to quit smoking and help as many as he possibly could. 

The company expanded rapidly, and Paul consistently reinvest the sale of products back into the company. Paul spent 3 years working for free for P J Vapes to ensure the growth could be continued and expansion expenses were viable. P J Vapes now has a purpose built ISO 7 laboratory for manufacturing, development or recipes to ensure the P J Vapes community receive safe, affordable and clean products, a warehouse for dispatch and wholesale to New Zealand wide and also Shipping of e-liquid products to Australia, three Juice lines, P J Vapes selection, the apprentice range and New Zealand's first ever import style of E-liquid.

P J Vapes also now has New Zealand's first ever fully dedicated community support center ( see the P J Vapes Chill Out Lounge page for more information ) were we aim to help guide, support and offer a place were the community can come learn and share their quit smoking journey with others.


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